Mutton is similar to beef in meat quality, but it has a strong meat flavor. Mutton is more tender than pork, and has less fat and cholesterol than pork and beef. It can not only resist the wind and cold, but also supplement the body. It has therapeutic and tonic effects on all deficiency conditions such as general wind cold cough, chronic tracheitis, deficiency cold asthma, kidney deficiency impotence, abdominal cold pain, body deficiency and fear of cold, weak waist and knees, sallow and thin face, deficiency of Qi and blood, deficiency of body after illness or postpartum. It is most suitable for consumption in winter, so it is called winter tonic.


500g mutton
2 carrots
30ml raw extract
A small piece of ginger
3 cloves garlic
3 garlic sprouts
3 parsley
Half a green onion
5ml soy sauce
3 octagons
Proper amount of pepper
5 peppers
Proper cooking wine
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper oil


Step 1
Wash the mutton, cut into thick slices, add soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper, star anise and ginger, and marinate for an hour.

Step 2
Add the pickled mutton to cold water, heat and blanch it. Blanch well, wash with warm water and set aside.

Step 3
In a hot pot, cool oil, add green onion, pepper, star anise ginger, garlic and pepper, stir fry until fragrant, and add mutton.

Step 4
Add raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, an appropriate amount of cooking wine, stir fry evenly, and then add hot water without mutton. Cover the pot and simmer over medium low heat for 1 hour.

Step 5
When stewing for half an hour, add carrots and a small amount of salt to continue the stew.

Step 6
When stewing, add chicken essence and an appropriate amount of salt according to personal taste, add garlic seedlings and stir well.