The species of hairtail are also richer than before. It is no longer the narrow one. There are both domestic and foreign hairtail. But to tell the truth, although foreign big broadband fish have a lot of meat, it is not tender, thick and Lala, and there is a big bone at the neck. Domestic hairtail is also divided into several production areas. I like Zhoushan hairtail. The fish meat is tender.


3 hairtail
Proper lard
A little cooking wine
1 ginger
2 star anise
Half a green onion
A little salt
1 tablespoon sugar
A little soy sauce
A little old smoke
2 tablespoons flour
A little vinegar


Step 1
Clean the hairtail, remove the head, tail, gill fin and cut it into the same length;

Step 2
Pull 4-5 flower knives on each side to taste easily. Sprinkle a little salt, cooking wine and shredded ginger, and gently stir by hand for 5 minutes to remove the fishy smell;

Step 3
Pour out the marinated fish soup, stack the fish pieces on the plate until the surface is dry, and turn them over once in the middle;

Step 4
While the fish section is still slightly wet, sprinkle a handful of ordinary flour on the fish surface, and the fish skin can have a thin layer of flour;

Step 5
Pour an appropriate amount of lard into the non stick frying pan. If there is no lard, stewing with two or three pieces of fat pork is also very fragrant;

Step 6
Stack the hairtail in a pot and fry the two sides over medium and low heat until they are brown. Because the front has been dried to the surface, the fish is not broken at all and the shape is complete;

Step 7
Sprinkle a little salt according to the taste, pour a little raw, mix fresh and old, add a small spoonful of sugar to make it fresh, remove the fishy smell with a little vinegar, two star anises and half green onions, and boil it with an appropriate amount of hot water; Low heat, cover and simmer slowly for 10 minutes.