It is worthy of being a wild hairtail in Zhoushan sea area. It is really fresh and tender. I always miss someone’s braised hairtail. This time, I finally made that taste. I shared it with my colleagues at noon. They all said that it was wild as soon as I ate it. “Fresh to fresh” is the first attempt of the brand. It is delivered by Shunfeng cold chain. When you get home from work, the fish are frozen, and you like the packaging. One bag can be made at least twice. The middle part needs to deal with the internal organs. The fish section is not so thick. The key is that it has a particularly delicious taste that attracts me.
Participation activities:


400g hairtail
Plenty of onions, ginger and garlic
Appropriate amount of shallot
Proper amount of pepper, seasoning and fragrant leaves
2 tablespoons of raw soy sauce and cooking wine respectively
1 tablespoon rice vinegar and sugar each
Proper amount of white pepper and salt
Half a spoonful of soy sauce and oyster sauce


Step 1
Fresh hairtail with ginger and garlic in the middle of Zhoude mountain

Step 2
Open the package like this

Step 3
Take off the fins of hairtail

Step 4
The internal organs must be cleaned, especially the black film and the black blood under the black film, so that the fish will not be fishy

Step 5
After cleaning, use kitchen paper to absorb water

Step 6
Cut it in the middle or not

Step 7
Put a spoonful of cooking wine

Step 8
A little salt

Step 9
White pepper

Step 10
Shredded ginger and scallion

Step 11
Grasp well and marinate for about half an hour

Step 12
Seasoning juice, a spoonful of sugar

Step 13
Two spoonfuls of raw soy sauce

Step 14
A spoonful of rice vinegar

Step 15
Half a spoonful of soy sauce

Step 16
Half a spoonful of oyster sauce

Step 17
Mix well and add a glass of water

Step 18
Pick out the shredded scallion and ginger from the hairtail

Step 19
Add starch and grasp well before cooking

Step 20
Sauteed pot with scallion, ginger and garlic

Step 21
Add juice

Step 22
Put the hairtail into a shaking pan over medium heat and fry it

Step 23
Fry the fish until there is no fishy smell

Step 24
Add boiling water

Step 25
Pepper, seasoning, fragrant leaves

Step 26
Cover and simmer until the juice is collected.