In the past, adults said that goose meat was old, not easy to cook, and the taste was not good, so I had never eaten goose before. When I went to Guangdong, my friend invited me to have dinner in Nongjiale by chance, and ordered a local special food – stewed goose. At that time, I had the real goose meat for the first time. I didn’t feel like what you described. The taste was just too expensive, So I thought about making it myself, and I was very surprised. It tasted similar, and I could eat it at home. I didn’t have to drive for hours to eat geese every time.


A goose
Three spoonfuls of soy sauce
A handful of shallots
Two garlic sprouts
A can of beer
A handful of celery
A spoonful of soy sauce
A spoonful of sugar
How many star anise
A few fragrant leaves
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
An onion
A red pepper
Two pieces of ginger


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
Cut into reserve

Step 3
Wash goose, chop and drain

Step 4
Heat the pan and drain the oil

Step 5
Pour cold oil into star anise, Chinese prickly ash and fragrant leaves. Stir slowly over low heat and remove the spices. Leave oil for later use

Step 6
Heat the goose and fry it

Step 7
Stir fry until discolored

Step 8
Add sugar, soy sauce and soy sauce, color, continue to stir fry

Step 9
Stir fry until dry, pour in beer and bring to a boil

Step 10
Cover the pot and turn to low heat

Step 11
Simmer until the soup is thick, add ginger, cover and continue to simmer

Step 12
Simmer until the soup is thick

Step 13
Add onion, red pepper, celery, shallot and garlic

Step 14
Stir well, then out of the pot