Fish is the most popular dish in my family. Fish is rich in protein and more nutritious than other meat dishes.


A fish
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
Two tablespoons chopped chili


Step 1
This trick is really easy for anyone to learn. We need to deal with the fish. After the fish is killed by the shop owner, go home and wash it, put a flower knife on the fish, and then suck up the water on the surface with kitchen paper. This first step must not be saved. Keeping the surface dry is a necessary condition for frying the fish without breaking the skin.

Step 2
If you don't have kitchen paper, you can use ordinary napkins. As long as you can absorb the water dry.

Step 3
Step 2: after washing the pot, heat it on the fire to let the water evaporate. Take two slightly thicker ginger slices and apply them evenly at the bottom of the pot to make all the surface of the pot stick with ginger juice. After this step, fry the fish. It won't stick to the pot at all. It's simple and convenient. You must try it. When making fish, you can't do without Jiang. After treatment, ginger slices can be reused without waste.

Step 4
The processed pot can be used. Heat the pot, pour as much oil as usual into the pot, pour out the oil after heating, pour in the cold oil, and gently put the fish in. This is the key to frying fish without breaking the skin. This method is called hot pot cold oil. Frying fish with this oil will not break.

Step 5
Fry over low heat until one side is golden yellow, turn over and fry both sides yellow.

Step 6
After both sides are fried, pour water less than half of the fish into the pot, sprinkle ginger slices on the fish, chop pepper, cover the cover, and stew the fish until it is cooked. Generally speaking, the soup is slightly dried, and a little soup is left at the bottom. If you have no experience, pinch it with chopsticks and check it without blood.

Step 7
Sprinkle with scallions, and the fragrant fish can come out of the pot. It's very simple. Try it. This wonderful trick is really convenient and fast to make fish. Novices can do fish easily. They will never break. If they break, come to me.