The first time I saw the word “Yuzi” was in sushi restaurant. I thought it was related to corn. Only when I lit it did I know it was related to egg fire. Yuzishao must have a yuziguo before it can be easily formed. In fact, the practice is very simple, but it also requires skills. You can only understand it, but you can’t explain it in words. Let’s look at the following steps!


2 eggs yes
Proper amount of fish seed
1 teaspoon salt
A small amount of peanut oil


Step 1
Beat eggs into a bowl, add fish seeds and salt, and stir well

Step 2
Add oil into the jade pot and heat the oil

Step 3
Pour a layer of egg liquid into the pan. The egg liquid solidifies and does not stick to the pan

Step 4
Roll it up slowly, leave a section and continue to add the egg liquid

Step 5
Pour in the egg and continue to roll up after solidifying under it

Step 6
Until the egg is used up, it will roll up

Step 7
produce abundantly

Step 8
Cut small pieces