The meat of dace and the skin of dumplings are used in fish roasting. Now it is the season to eat dace. The meat of dace is fresh and sweet, and it won’t get fat if you eat more. It’s very cool to make balls or fillings. Come and learn how to make such a good taste of roasting. It’s simple. Just mix the fish until it is elastic and make a piece of dumpling skin into the appearance of roasting, Just steam it in the pot


100g minced dace meat
100g dumpling skin
15g coriander
3 G raw meal
3 g salt
1 g Sugar
3 G oyster sauce
1g chili powder
1g black pepper


Step 1
Various materials for fish roasting

Step 2
Add salt, sugar, oyster sauce, chicken powder, raw meal and coriander into the minced dace meat

Step 3
Mix all the ingredients of dace meat stuffing evenly, mix with needle until elastic, and let stand for 10 minutes

Step 4
Take a piece of dumpling, dip some water around it, put the dace meat filling in the middle, and grab it in the middle with your hand

Step 5
The fish meat is made into a little lace and wavy around, and some openings should be reserved

Step 6
Cook the fish, put cold water into the pot, steam for about 15 minutes, and then turn off the fire

Step 7
Take out the fish and sell it. Sprinkle black pepper and red pepper powder. You can eat it