Braised eggplant with minced meat is a cold season without eating in winter, and it is easy to get fat when eating too much. Because you are losing weight, you can’t eat too much meat, so you think of various ways to make delicious vegetables. Eggplant can be regarded as a kind of vegetable you prefer to eat, and greedy cats who are also losing weight can try it together.


5 eggplant (purple skin, long)
4 green peppers
A little pork (lean)
Three millet peppers
1 tbsp soy sauce
A little raw
3 G raw meal
2 cloves garlic
1 shallot


Step 1
Take out the green onion, garlic and millet pepper first (millet pepper can be added according to personal needs. Greedy cats who like spicy food can add more. If they don't like spicy food, it's better not to add it, because a little millet pepper will be spicy)

Step 2
First cut the onion, garlic and millet pepper into small sections and put them on the plate for standby

Step 3
Remove the seeds from the green pepper and cut it into slender strips

Step 4
Use a hob to cut eggplant into slender pieces. Don't cut it too large. It's not easy to taste

Step 5
Cut the lean meat into minced meat, add a little raw powder, stir evenly and put it aside for standby (raw powder can be used to make the lean meat tender and smooth). After all this is ready, you can start to ignite and prepare for cooking^-^

Step 6
First pour in the oil and wait until the oil temperature gets higher (it's already hot when it starts to steam again). First put the green pepper and minced garlic into the pot and stir fry (at this time, greedy cats who like to eat spicy can put in Millet pepper)

Step 7
When the chili and garlic are fragrant, you can add the previously pickled minced meat. Keep stirring gently, so that the minced meat will separate particles and will not become small meat cakes~~~~

Step 8
At this time, add the cut eggplant and fry it together, so that the eggplant can be fully exposed to the oil. Remind the entry-level cooks like me that eggplant is a vegetable that is easy to "eat" oil. It is suggested that you can add some oil before adding eggplant

Step 9
When the eggplant starts to change color slightly, we add delicious soy sauce, so that the eggplant has a salty and fresh taste (friends who like to eat sweet can add an appropriate amount of sugar, and those who like to eat salty can add some salt)

Step 10
Finally, add raw soy sauce (used for coloring to make the eggplant look more appetizing) and add a small amount of water. Of course, there should be less raw soy sauce, otherwise the flavor of eggplant will be taken away and the color will be very ugly

Step 11
When the eggplant is completely soft and discolored, you can taste it. After confirming that the eggplant is completely delicious, you can start the pot, and then you can put some scallions. It tastes great