Eggplant is a very common household vegetable. Although it is available all year round, the best season to eat eggplant in Guangdong is in early summer. Eggplant with new seedlings has strong taste, fragrance and thick meat. Eggplant is rich in nutrition. Eating eggplant often can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid, anti-aging, clear away heat and detoxification, and provide immunity.


1 purple eggplant
200g chicken leg meat
10ml peanut oil
4 g salt
2ml soy sauce
5 dried peppers
3 green peppers
30g shallot
2G ginger


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: purple eggplant, chicken leg meat, dry pepper, green pepper, red onion, etc;

Step 2
Wash the purple eggplant, cut it into pieces, soak it in clean water for 5 minutes and remove it;

Step 3
Heat the pot, pour the oil, the oil temperature is about 180 degrees, pour in the eggplant pieces, fry, soften and remove;

Step 4
Leave a little oil in the pot, add cut ginger and chicken leg meat and stir fry;

Step 5
Add dried pepper and green pepper and stir fry;

Step 6
Pour in the fried eggplant and add a spoonful of soup; PS: you can add some water if you don't have soup

Step 7
Add salt, soy sauce, stir fry the juice, and stir fry the green onion