Today, I was at home alone, and there was no food in the refrigerator. There were green and red pepper, a purple eggplant and cabbage. I made very delicious braised eggplant and hot and sour cabbage.


1 eggplant
Proper oil
Proper amount of pepper
Proper amount of salt
3 garlic
A little delicious
Half a spoonful of bean paste
A little starch
Half a spoonful of old godmother
2 screws
Appropriate amount of chicken juice


Step 1
Cut the eggplant into long strips without peeling, then mix it with a spoonful of raw powder and a small amount of salt, put three times the amount of oil in the pot, and then fry the eggplant strips

Step 2
Deep fry the eggplant until golden yellow. Remove and control the oil. Set aside

Step 3
Cut the green and red peppers into small pieces

Step 4
Leave the bottom oil in the pot, add half a spoonful of bean paste and stir fry the red oil, then put half a spoonful of old Ganma, add minced garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 5
Add fried eggplant strips and green peppers. Add delicious chicken juice, pepper, bean paste, old Ganma and delicious. They all have salty taste. I don't need to put salt because I don't have enough for one person

Step 6
Add an appropriate amount of water to starch, pour it into the pot, stir fry evenly, collect the juice, and then you can get out of the pot