Northerners like to eat pickled meat and marinated meat, so there are a lot of marinated seasonings at home. Collect it. Collect it to make a large plate. The duck neck and wings are marinated to taste. To make the duck neck chewy and tasty, this step is very important. After watching the following production process, you can do it again. Although it doesn’t taste as thick as the 100 kinds of brine for takeout, it’s really not bad.


7 duck necks
14 duck wings
4 star anise
1 handful of pepper
1 handful of dried red pepper
1 ginger
1 garlic
5 fragrant leaves
1 Gardenia
1 grass fruit
1 ginger
2 cardamom
A little other spices
1 small handful of rock sugar
10g salt
Proper soy sauce
Proper raw extract
2 cans of beer
2 tablespoons sweet noodle sauce
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Clean the duck neck and wings; Duck neck and wings are mostly frozen. They can be naturally frozen after buying them, or thawed in cold water. Don't scald them with hot water;

Step 2
The marinades should be as rich as possible, not limited to those in my picture. In addition to those in the list, there are several spices that I can't name;

Step 3
Soy sauce, soy sauce, clear beer, sweet flour sauce and salt are ready; Beer can remove the fishy smell. In addition to freshening, sweet flour sauce can also increase the viscosity of the soup, making it easier to hang on the duck neck and wings;

Step 4
Cut the duck neck into two sections, cut the duck wings into two sections from the joints, put them into a cold water pot and boil over high heat;

Step 5
When all the color changes and floating foam emerges, fish out the duck neck and wings with a fence;

Step 6
Rinse the boiled duck neck and wings with flowing cold water until they are completely cool. It is better to add ice if there is any; After blanching in hot water, washing and soaking in cold water, the duck becomes crisp and chewy. After cooking for a long time, it can fully absorb the taste;

Step 7
Pour the brine and an appropriate amount of water into the pot. After boiling over high heat, pour the duck neck, duck wings and beer into it. After boiling over high heat, turn to low heat, cover and stew for 30 minutes;

Step 8
Cook until the soup becomes less and thicker;

Step 9
Take out the duck neck and chop it into small pieces with a sharp knife;

Step 10
Soak it in the soup for 2 hours, fully taste it, remove it with duck wings after cooling, and taste better after refrigeration.