Braised Dongpo with tofu in oil, the meat is fragrant but not greasy


600g Dongpo meat
300g oil tofu
2 g salt
15g oil
5g raw extract
5g soy sauce
2G thirteen incense
2G chicken essence


Step 1
Tofu in oil, Dongpo meat

Step 2
Dongpo diced meat

Step 3
Stir fry Dongpo meat first

Step 4
Drizzle with soy sauce

Step 5
Stir fry with salt for a while

Step 6
Discharge water

Step 7
Cook for 10 minutes

Step 8
Add oil tofu and cook for another 10 minutes

Step 9
Drizzle with soy sauce, sprinkle with chicken essence and chives

Step 10
Out of the pot