In addition to stew, braised crucian carp is also very delicious.


2 crucian carp
5g scallion
5g coriander
5 ml edible oil
2 dried peppers
1 octagonal
2 grams of soy sauce
3 G raw extract
200 ml water
5g white granulated sugar
2 g salt


Step 1
Cut onion and coriander into sections

Step 2
After the crucian carp is descaled and washed, use an oblique knife on both sides

Step 3
Pour in 5ml edible oil, add crucian carp and fry until both sides are golden

Step 4
Add scallion and ginger slices

Step 5
Add 200 ml of dried pepper, star anise, soy sauce, raw soy sauce and water, and simmer over high heat for 10 minutes

Step 6
Then add white granulated sugar and salt, and collect the juice over high fire to get out of the pot

Step 7
When placing the plate, sprinkle coriander powder, which is beautiful