Chrysanthemum: minced garlic and hot pot are very delicious!


200g Chrysanthemum
Two cloves of garlic
A spoonful of salt
A spoonful of raw soy sauce
A spoonful of oyster sauce


Step 1
Rinse chrysanthemum and set aside

Step 2
Boil water in a pot

Step 3
Add Chrysanthemum

Step 4
Add a small spoon and cook for five minutes

Step 5
Remove the chrysanthemum and cool it in mineral water

Step 6
Add a small spoonful of soy sauce and a small spoonful of salt to the bowl

Step 7
Stir a small spoonful of oyster sauce evenly

Step 8
Put the chrysanthemum in a basin

Step 9
Add the mixed juice and minced garlic