The multi-functional cooking pot is really powerful. You can cook, cook and fry everything. Today, you made stewed chicken with potatoes and carrots in a deep cooking plate. It tastes delicious, soft and waxy. It’s very delicious.


Five chicken legs
2 potatoes
1 carrot
1 green pepper
Proper oil
15g sugar
2 octagons
2 fragrant leaves
1 cinnamon
1 grass fruit


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
Peel potatoes and cut them into hobs, cut carrots and break green peppers into small pieces

Step 3
Chop chicken legs into small pieces

Step 4
Blanch the chicken in water, take it out and wash it again

Step 5
Put oil and sugar in the pot, fry the sugar color, and then add raw and old soy sauce

Step 6
Add onion, ginger and seasoning, stir fry until fragrant, add water and simmer for 40 minutes

Step 7
Add potatoes and carrots and continue to stew

Step 8
Finally, put green pepper and cook for another two minutes

Step 9
A pot full of potatoes, carrots and braised chicken nuggets is ready, which is very convenient. "Ostini is multi-purpose in one pot, and the kitchen has a variety of dishes."