This dish has always been a dish loved by children. Watching children love to eat, as a mother, I am also very happy!


250g potatoes
500g chicken
2 shallots
2 ginger slices
3 cloves garlic
Proper raw extract
Moderate old smoke
5g salt


Step 1
Chop the chicken pieces into pieces, clean them and blanch them in boiling water

Step 2
Wash and cut potatoes, slice ginger, chop garlic and shallot, set aside

Step 3
Heat the oil pan, pour in peanut oil, add ginger and garlic and fry until fragrant

Step 4
Add rock sugar and stir fry the sugar color. Remember to use a low fire, otherwise the rock sugar is easy to stir fry Hu. Add chicken nuggets and stir fry them repeatedly to color the chicken nuggets. Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce and a small amount of old soy sauce, continue to stir fry twice, add water without chicken nuggets, and cook for 20 minutes

Step 5
Add potatoes, stir fry a few times, and add half a spoonful of salt to make the dishes taste full. The potatoes are cooked and the juice is collected over high heat

Step 6
Potatoes and chicken pieces come out of the oven and sprinkle with shallots. The food is ready