The meal is easy to understand


A potato
4 chicken legs
Proper peanut oil
Half ~ 1 tablespoon salt
2 garlic
1 ~ 2 dried peppers
Proper cooking wine
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of vinegar


Step 1
① Wash the chicken legs with water and cut them into pieces with a knife - cut 3 ~ 4 pieces of a chicken leg handle (pay attention to your hands when cutting) ② peel the potatoes, wash them with water and cut them into small pieces (or no water) ③ wash them with water first, flatten the garlic with a blade and cut them into pieces ④ wash the dry pepper with water and tear them into small pieces

Step 2
Turn on the gas, turn on the high fire, preheat the pot for 1 ~ 2 minutes, pour in chopped garlic and dried pepper, stir fry back and forth for 1 ~ 6 times

Step 3
Pour the chicken leg meat into the pot, stir fry more than ten times, pour cooking wine, soy sauce and vinegar respectively, and then stir fry a few times

Step 4
Add potatoes, add salt and fry for more than a dozen times,

Step 5
Pour in some tap water (preferably over the dishes) - as shown in the figure above, when the juice is about to be collected in the fire, just add some less water than in the picture. After the juice is collected in the fire for the second time, put it in a plate.