Braised chicken leg in soy sauce


Two chicken legs
soy sauce
Green onion
Cooking wine
Pork chop sauce


Step 1
Wash the bought chicken legs; Choose some vegetables and fruits you like and wash them separately; Cut scallion into sections and ginger into slices; Soak dried mushrooms until soft.

Step 2
Put the cleaned chicken legs into the container, add soy sauce, cooking wine and salt, and marinate for about half an hour (less salt); Cut part of the selected fruits and vegetables into strips and pieces with a knife, dice the rest, mix them with yogurt and stir them well. You can put them in the refrigerator and wait for a while to have a cold salad´╝ł These fruits and vegetables can be prepared in the process of stewing chicken legs.

Step 3
Add some oil into the frying pan, heat it up, add the pickled chicken legs, fry for a while, then add two spoonfuls of spareribs sauce, add some water, add scallion, ginger and mushrooms, bring to a boil over high heat, turn to low heat until the chicken is soft and rotten, and then dry the soup.

Step 4
Put the drumsticks on the plate, put in all kinds of cut vegetables and fruits, and then put in a few spoonfuls of yogurt salad.