In the past two years, it seems that the streets are full of braised chicken and rice. The taste is OK and convenient. This is the simplest way to share without complex seasoning and ingredients. But the taste is classic.


3 chicken legs
Appropriate amount of mushroom
A small piece of ginger
1 garlic
Some dried peppers
Proper raw extract
Moderate old smoke
A small piece of yellow rock sugar
A little salt
A little cooking wine


Step 1
Main materials are ready.

Step 2
Wash Pipa legs and chop them into pieces. Soak mushrooms and dry them. Slice ginger, dry pepper and garlic.

Step 3
Add oil into the pot, add garlic and ginger slices, and stir fry dry pepper.

Step 4
When the fire is high, add chicken pieces and stir fry quickly.

Step 5
Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce and old soy sauce, stir fry and color.

Step 6
There is no chicken nuggets in the pot. Put in a small piece of yellow rock sugar.

Step 7
Add mushrooms.

Step 8
Turn high heat to medium heat and simmer for 30 ~ 40 minutes.

Step 9
After the chicken pieces are crisp and rotten, add a little salt to season the soup.

Step 10
Just put it in a container.