It is said that “four legs are not as good as two legs, two legs are not as good as one leg, and one leg is not as good as no legs”. This legless animal is fish. This saying fully shows the nutritional value of fish, but there is a kind of fish that is despised by many people. It is cheap but no one eats it.


A carp
A handful of Perilla
Proper amount of ginger
3 small red peppers
Two parsley
Two onions
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
Proper raw extract
Proper cooking wine


Step 1
The ingredients are ready. We Hunan people like to cook fish with a handful of Perilla. Perilla is a wild plant with a strong aroma. It can be eaten as medicine or as food. We can make use of its leaves and stems. Perilla can help us dissipate the cold in our body, especially for people with heavy moisture, Eat some perilla properly. Perilla has a good deodorizing effect. It is the best match with fish, shrimp and snail. It is fresh and tender, especially delicious.

Step 2
After the carp is killed, remove the scales and pull out the fishing line. In fact, it is very simple to pull out the fishing line. Cut a knife behind the gill and you can see a white spot. Pinch the white spot with your fingernails and pull it out. While slowly pulling it out, you can pat the fish with Ning's hand. In this way, you can easily pull out the fishing line.

Step 3
Cross the flower knives on both sides of the carp's body.

Step 4
Cut small sharp corners into segments, shred ginger, and chop perilla slightly.

Step 5
Put a little more oil into the pot than frying, slide the fish gently along the edge of the pot into the pot, and slowly fry the fish over medium and low heat until it turns brown,

Step 6
If the pan is relatively small, turn it slightly while frying, so that the fish head and tail can be heated evenly. After frying, turn the fish gently, and fry both sides yellow.

Step 7
Take out the fried fish, leave the bottom oil in the pot, pour shredded ginger and red pepper into the pot and stir fry to get the flavor.

Step 8
Pour half a glass of water, add soy sauce and bring to a boil.

Step 9
Sprinkle perilla segments and cook with salt for a while.

Step 10
Put the fried fish into the soup, cover the pot and cook for about five minutes.

Step 11
When there is a little soup left in the pot, you can get out of the pot.