Braised beef and braised beef noodles are both delicious. The former is a hard dish and the latter is the top grade of the staple food. I believe everyone likes them very much, and I also believe that many people can’t make or can’t make delicious taste. Well, I’ll share with you today the practice of braised beef and braised beef noodles. The recipe is quite detailed and the key points are prominent. You can follow it step by step and ensure success at one time. Come with me.


1000g beef ribs
4 octagons
1 ginger
1 green onion
4 fragrant leaves
1 cinnamon
4 Hawthorn
1 handful of rock sugar
2 tbsp braised soy sauce
2 tbsp rice wine
2 tbsp oil
Proper amount of refined salt
1 handful of vegetables


Step 1
To make braised beef, you usually choose beef brisket or beef rib. There is not much beef, so when you make this dish, prepare more beef. I used beef ribs today

Step 2
Wash the beef and cut it into large pieces. Don't cut it small, because the beef will become much smaller after stewing

Step 3
Soak the cut beef in water for at least two hours. During this period, change the water continuously until the blood in the beef is soaked out, and the beef turns white from red, and then drain the water. The water must be drained. Personal experience, beef is not suitable for blanching water to remove blood, because it will make the beef old and hard and taste bad

Step 4
Start operating on the fire. Heat the pan with cold oil, stir fry star anise and rock sugar over low heat. It doesn't matter if rock sugar is a big one. You don't have to crush it, because it will disintegrate in case of heat

Step 5
Stir fry the sugar color, as shown in the figure. Be sure to keep the fire low and stir it constantly with a spoon. When the rock sugar melts and slowly turns yellow, it is not far from the sugar color. Be sure to pay attention to the heat. Excessive heat will make you bitter

Step 6
Pour the beef in and stir fry quickly, and the beef is evenly colored. Since I have to take photos while I operate alone, there is an uneven situation, which will not happen when we do it

Step 7
Then add fragrant leaves, cinnamon, green onions and ginger slices, stir fry the fragrance, cook yellow rice wine, then cook braised soy sauce, and continue to stir fry evenly. If there is no rice wine, cooking wine can be used instead; If there is no braised soy sauce, raw soy sauce and old soy sauce can be used instead

Step 8
Then add water at one time. Note that it is sufficient at one time, and it is cold water instead of hot water. Although the beef has been soaked, the blood in it has not completely soaked out. We also need to add cold water to gradually heat up to force out the incomplete blood in the beef. If hot water is added, the blood will not come out as soon as the beef protein solidifies

Step 9
After boiling, there will be floating foam. You should immediately pick up the spoon and throw it out bit by bit. Here is a test of patience. You must skim all the floating foam, which is the key to the clarity of braised beef soup. You can't wait for the pot to boil for a long time before skimming the foam, because at that time, all the foam had become black and attached to the beef. You can't skim it if you want to

Step 10
Look, this is what it looks like after skimming the foam completely

Step 11
If you have enough time, continue to simmer on the fire after skimming the foam. If you don't have enough time, pour the beef and soup into the electric pressure cooker and give it to it. Remember to put the Hawthorn in at this time. The purpose of putting the hawthorn is to make the beef stew soft quickly. It took me 35 minutes to stew in an electric pressure cooker. Of course, it depends on your temper

Step 12
After the procedure, add salt to taste, and the braised beef will come out of the pot beautifully. Look, its meat is soft but not rotten. The soup is red, bright and clear. It's an excellent soup of beef noodles. Of course, if you say I just want to eat braised beef, that's it. You can pour the pot and collect the juice

Step 13
With braised beef, do you still worry about not having beef noodles? Cook the noodles, scald the vegetables, take them to the big bowl with beef soup, and then put some delicious beef. You can eat this bowl of noodles quickly. If you want to eat spicy beef noodles, put another spoonful of chili oil