Beef is not easy to rot, so pour more water and simmer over low heat for a long time. After stewing for about two hours, the beef is absolutely soft, rotten and delicious.


1000g beef
20G bean paste
10g sugar
15g spices
5g chicken essence
5g ginger slices
10g scallion flowers
10g pepper
10g coriander
20G butter


Step 1
Rinse the sliced beef, boil it in the pot, remove it, wash and drain.

Step 2
Put the spices into the spice bag for use.

Step 3
Put salad oil into the pot, add butter, wait until the oil dissolves, add bean paste, stir fry ginger slices to make it fragrant.

Step 4
Add water, sugar and chicken essence.

Step 5
After the fire boils for 30 minutes, pick up the bean paste residue.

Step 6
Put the beef pieces into the and put them into the spice bag

Step 7
Simmer the soup over low heat for about 3 hours

Step 8
After the soup is boiled, simmer over low heat for about 3 hours,

Step 9
Scoop out and put on a plate, sprinkle with coriander and scallion.

Step 10