Eggplant with beans soft eggplant and crispy green beans (also with beans), these two simple and homely dishes, combined with bean paste, are so delicious! It doesn’t need much seasoning to make this dish delicious. The juice is thick, delicious, spicy and delicious. Another bowl of rice. Is there anything better than this? Now it’s the season to eat beans and tomato juice. Eat more. If you miss it, it’s expensive and the taste has changed!


A long eggplant
300g green beans
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Appropriate amount of bean paste
5g ginger
2 cloves garlic
10g raw soy sauce


Step 1
Ingredients: one long eggplant and 300g green beans

Step 2
Cut the long eggplant in two sections from the middle and then cut it into one section again. It has such a shape that it is easy to burn and not easy to deform

Step 3
Wash the green beans (you can also use cowpeas), remove the head and tail, and cut them into and sections. They are slightly shorter than the eggplant section, which is more beautiful, because the eggplant is easy to be soft and the garlic is chopped

Step 4
Cool the oil in a hot pot until the oil is 80% hot. Fry the beans until they reach the outer skin, and then quickly remove the bubbles. Drain the oil. Turn it back and forth several times, which is more uniform. In this way, the green beans are very good, cooked and taste good, saving time.

Step 5
Then put the eggplant strips into the oil pan, soften them a little, take them out and drain the oil

Step 6
Pour out the excess and leave the oil at the bottom of the pot. Don't be too much, because eggplant and beans have been fried a little and will produce oil. After adding ginger and garlic powder to stir fry the fragrance, add bean paste to stir fry the sauce fragrance and red oil, you can't stir fry too high, fry it over low heat and make it bitter

Step 7
Add beans and eggplant juice and stir fry evenly to produce sauce flavor

Step 8
Put a tablespoon of raw soy sauce, a tablespoon of water and chicken essence, simmer over low heat for a while, about 2 minutes, not for a long time

Step 9
The juice is collected by fire. In this way, the taste seeps into the bean and eggplant juice. It is shiny and delicious