I’ve been in the food website for a long time, and I think these ingredients are wonderful. Different ingredients can change a variety of tastes.


3 g water tofu
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
Three white peppers
50g marinated meat
10 g oil
3 salt
5g soy sauce
3 G chicken powder


Step 1
The materials are ready. Green pepper, white pepper, red pepper, water tofu

Step 2
Diced peppers

Step 3
Marinated meat cut into small pieces, no marinated meat can also use lean meat or pork oh.

Step 4
Diced tofu

Step 5
Bring water to a boil, pour in tofu and add a little oil. Bring to a boil and remove.

Step 6
Pour oil into the pan, add red pepper and green pepper, stir fry

Step 7
Add the diced white pepper and stir fry.

Step 8
Add marinated meat and stir fry

Step 9
Put the tofu in, add the flour, soy sauce and gouboci

Step 10
Adjust the taste and cook until the soup is slightly dry.