It turns out that Braised Tofu is delicious only in this way. I’m the creator of delicious food


1 piece of old tofu
Right amount of streaky pork
Right amount of carrot
Proper amount of fungus
Appropriate garlic leaves
Appropriate amount of green and red pepper
Appropriate amount of bean paste
Proper raw extract
Proper oyster sauce
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Appropriate amount of starch
Appropriate amount of garlic
Proper amount of ginger


Step 1
The old tofu is cut at the waist and then cut into triangles

Step 2
Pan fry tofu in hot oil

Step 3
Fry until golden brown and set, then turn over, fry well and take out for standby

Step 4
Pan fry pork in oil, add garlic and shredded ginger to fry until fragrant

Step 5
Stir fry red oil with a spoonful of bean paste, add carrot slices and fungus and stir fry slightly

Step 6
Add tofu and stir well, then add half a bowl of water and simmer for a while

Step 7
Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken essence, green and red pepper and garlic leaves to taste. Finally, pour water and starch to thicken and stir well.