Meatball is a kind of fried or boiled food, which has appeared all over the country. It is usually made with minced meat, coriander and other ingredients on bread, then the oil is boiled, the wrapped meatball is put into the oil pan to fry for a period of time, then it is fished out with a fence and put in a dry place to be cooled before eating. The meatballs are full and juicy, and the meat is tender and smooth. They are ideal food for the common people. Boshan fried meatball is a special local snack. It has both meat and vegetables. Today we will make a vegetable fried turnip meatball.


2 green radishes
2 eggs
Proper amount of flour
2 teaspoons homemade chicken powder
1 piece of ginger


Step 1
Wash the radish and rub it into silk

Step 2
Blanch the shredded radish in water and let it cool

Step 3
Dry the blanched shredded radish

Step 4

Step 5
Minced ginger

Step 6
Beat in 2 eggs and mix well

Step 7
Add ginger powder, homemade chicken powder and salt and mix well

Step 8
Add some flour

Step 9
Knead well, then ball up

Step 10
When the oil temperature is 50%, deep fry the balls until the surface is scorched and cooked

Step 11
Fried meatballs look very attractive. You can eat them directly or make soup