It’s best not to use hot fire when cooking in summer, so as not to be smoky. In muggy weather, the appetite is poor. How about making a plate of bright oil bamboo shoots and dried vegetables to relieve the summer heat? Pick the white and tender water bamboo and grab a handful of dried vegetables. It’s easy to make light food. I like it.


8g dried bamboo shoots
200g Zizania latifolia
One teaspoon and a half of salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
A little monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Food map

Step 2
Soak bamboo shoots and dried vegetables in clear water to rise

Step 3
The weight of water bamboo peeled is 202g

Step 4
After washing, cut into hob pieces

Step 5
Pour directly into the pot, add half a bowl of water and cook over high heat

Step 6
Remove the bamboo shoots and dried vegetables

Step 7
Add it to the pot

Step 8
Add some salt after boiling

Step 9
Add three tablespoons of olive oil

Step 10
After seven or eight minutes, turn off the fire, add a little monosodium glutamate (I haven't finished this), take out the pot and put it on the plate