I once ate rice noodles in Yunnan. I like the taste and the strength of rice noodles. I still remember it now. Now logistics is developed. What you want to eat, you will have to eat with a finger. Praise the developed network and you can eat all over the world at home. Hey, almost every month’s pension is handed over to online shopping. I turn money into all kinds of food and drink. I have a sense of achievement. Let’s taste Yunnan rice noodles bought online and see if everyone likes them. My online shopping is successful. This is almost the same as instant noodles. I like to eat light food without the hot and sour dishes.


150g Yunnan rice noodles
An egg
Appropriate amount of vegetables
Proper sesame oil


Step 1
This is a vacuum rice noodle. Remember to eat it at one time. If you can't eat it, it's frozen.

Step 2
Rice noodles are vacuum packed. Open them and soak them in water for five minutes. The time should not be too long.

Step 3
It's OK to boil the pot in cold water. As soon as the time comes, it's not delicious to cook the sticky paste.

Step 4
Take a look at the rice noodles you can get out of the pot. The boiled soup basically doesn't change color. The rice noodle soup will thicken if it is overcooked. Take it out and put it in a bowl with your favorite ingredients.

Step 5
Share delicious food