300g shrimp
150g cabbage
20ml edible oil
5g ginger powder
4G minced garlic
3 G dried pepper
3 G chopped green onion
5 ml edible oil
1g pepper
30g bean paste
100ml water
100ml broth
2G white granulated sugar
5g cooking wine


Step 1
5g minced ginger, 4G minced garlic, 300g shrimp, remove the shrimp line

Step 2
Cut 3 grams of dried pepper and 3 grams of chopped green onion. Put 5ml of edible oil into the pot, 1g of ginger, pepper and 30g of bean paste, and stir fry to produce red oil

Step 3
Add 100g broth and 100ml water, add 150g cabbage and stir well. Bring the fire to a boil and remove the cabbage

Step 4
Put 2G white granulated sugar and 5g cooking wine into the pot, pour in shrimp and cook over high heat. Put 20ml edible oil into the pot and boil the oil

Step 5
Put the shrimp on the cabbage, pour the soup, add 1g pepper, dried pepper, minced garlic and onion, and pour boiling oil