There is no exquisite tableware, no superb cooking, shooting technology is just so so, but I am still pregnant with a gourmet ❤ Heart, simple but delicious homemade dishes, take care of the management of the family’s healthy diet! When I devote myself to daily necessities, salt, ginger and vinegar, when my family gives me positive approval, a small sense of achievement will make me happy


9 prawns
A piece of ginger
A spoonful of soy sauce
A spoonful of steamed fish and soy sauce
Proper amount of cooking wine


Step 1
A piece of ginger and 9 shrimps

Step 2
Part of the ginger is cut into shredded ginger and put into eating dish. Part of the ginger is cut into slices and shrimp is removed

Step 3
Pour the shrimp into cooking wine, marinate the ginger slices and remove the fishy smell. Add a spoonful of steamed fish, soy sauce and soy sauce to the shredded ginger. Add a little bit of cold water and mix well.

Step 4
Bring to a boil with water, pour in shrimp, cooking wine and ginger

Step 5
When the shrimp is completely red, it can be fished out. After a long time, the shrimp will be old

Step 6
It's all set