I believe many of my friends like to eat shrimp, whether it’s braised, blanched or dried. As long as it’s shrimp. Recently, I fell in love with Baihuo. He is a simple, light and delicious dish.


200g shrimp
1 gram salt
1 ml salad oil
1 ml cooking wine
1 ml soy sauce
1 ml vinegar
1g scallion
1g ginger
1 g pepper
1 gram of mashed garlic


Step 1
According to the number of diners, choose the right amount of fresh shrimp, medium size is better

Step 2
Use scissors to remove the whiskers and feet of shrimp, and remember not to remove the thread,

Step 3
Ready to cook shrimp

Step 4
Adjust the dipping sauce (vinegar, soy sauce, ginger powder) according to personal taste

Step 5
Hot oil in cold pan

Step 6
Sauteed garlic with onion and ginger

Step 7
Put proper amount of water, salt and cooking wine into the pot and bring to a boil

Step 8
Put the shrimp into boiling water and blanch for 1-2 minutes. The time should not be too long. When the shrimp body is curled, remove the onion, ginger and garlic

Step 9
It's OK to dip the dish into the juice as you like