Because my mother can’t eat spicy, so I made a not so spicy boiled meat for my mother to taste


300g plum meat
200g baby cabbage
1 cucumber
Appropriate amount of Auricularia auricula
20G raw powder
2 spoonfuls of oil
1 thick soup treasure
1 teaspoon salt
1 piece of ginger
1 teaspoon cooking wine
Three cloved garlic
15g pepper
1 teaspoon bean paste
A little egg white
Half a red pepper


Step 1
Slice ginger and garlic, wash pepper, cut pepper. Slice the pork and marinate with salt, egg white and cornstarch for 15 minutes.

Step 2
Put the pepper and pepper into the pot and fry until the pepper is dry.

Step 3
Wash and cut cucumber, baby vegetable and cloud ear. It's better to buy wet one. It tastes much better.

Step 4
Heat up the pan, put ginger, garlic and bean paste into the pan, and then add the thick soup, add the right amount of water, two teaspoons of oil consumption and one teaspoon of cooking wine, and boil until boiling.

Step 5
Put baby cabbage, cucumber and cloud ear into the soup.

Step 6
When the dishes are cooked, pick them up and put them on the plate.

Step 7
Put the pickled meat into the soup and cook it until it is cooked. Generally, put the meat on a fine fire, and then bring it on a high fire until the water boils. After all, the meat is better cooked.

Step 8
Pick up the meat, put it on the top of the dish, spread it well, then pour the soup into the plate, sprinkle with chopped pepper, pepper and garlic. Finally, pour in the hot oil. That's it.