As a traditional Sichuan dish, boiled meat slices are familiar to people all over the country. In short, boiled meat slices in Douban soy sauce soup and hot oil are named “boiled meat slices” because the meat slices are not oiled and cooked in water. The characteristics of water cooking are “hemp, spicy, fresh and hot”; And the side dishes can be added according to everyone’s favorite, or some seasonal vegetables can be selected according to the season. The vegetables that have absorbed the soup are spicy and thick, which is a very good meal, so many people like and even infatuate with this method.


300 grams of pork
200g Chinese Cabbage
20G raw powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 piece of ginger
1 teaspoon cooking wine
3 parsley
2 scallions
15g dry pepper
Three cloved garlic
2 spoonful Pixian Douban
15g pepper


Step 1
Slice the tenderloin and put it into a bowl. Add proper amount of raw powder, salt, egg liquid and soy sauce. Stir well and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 2
Cut the bean paste and pepper into sections and set aside

Step 3
Chopped garlic

Step 4
In a frying pan, add rapeseed oil, add pepper and pepper, and fry until fragrant

Step 5
Deep fry the pepper and pepper into brown, then remove and chop them

Step 6
Add the right amount of bean paste, stir fry the red oil

Step 7
Add appropriate amount of water, sugar, comprehensive taste

Step 8
After boiling, put the marinated meat slices into the pot one by one

Step 9
Add the cabbage and cook until the meat turns white

Step 10
Pour the cooked meat into the container. Sprinkle chopped pepper, garlic and chive on the meat

Step 11
Heat the oil in a pan and pour over the chopped chives

Step 12
A bowl of spicy boiled meat slices is finished