Sauerkraut fish, also known as sour soup fish, is a classic dish originated from Chongqing. It is famous for its unique seasoning and cooking techniques. Popular in the 1990s, it is one of the pioneers of chongqing cuisine.


1500 grams of fish
Moderate salt


Step 1
List of raw materials: fish, pickled cabbage, pickled radish, pickled ginger, pickled pepper, pickled wild pepper, beauty pepper, Chaotian pepper, dried Chinese prickly ash, scallion, garlic, fresh Chinese prickly ash

Step 2
Beauty pepper, Chaotian pepper cut into small sections

Step 3
Heat the pot, add a small amount of vegetable oil (runguo), add beauty pepper and Chaotian pepper, stir fry quickly, until the spicy taste is achieved, turn off the fire, about 1 to 2 minutes, pay attention to the heat during the period, don't fry paste, also don't fry cooked, cooked is not spicy, what you want is raw spicy.

Step 4
Add proper amount of vegetable oil into the pot, heat over low heat, add dried pepper, until the pepper changes color, about 1 minute; Turn off the fire and take out the pepper. Note: the amount of oil depends on the amount of beauty pepper. This oil is used to drench beauty pepper.

Step 5
Pepper, pepper with cooking machine broken, pan oil in pepper. Note: do not beat into Rong, the soluble spicy will weaken.

Step 6
Pot continue to pour more than 250 grams of vegetable oil, oil can cover the material, open fire heating, ready to fry.

Step 7
First add the green onion and garlic to saute until fragrant, then pour in pickled cabbage, pickled radish and pickled radish in turn... Pour them all and stir fry for 1 minute.

Step 8
Add hot water, fish head, chicken essence and white pepper. Cook for 10 minutes, then add fish fillets. Note: do not put salt, pickles have salt.

Step 9
Take a small bowl, put beauty pepper, shallot, coriander, Chinese prickly ash, sour fish soup into the dip.

Step 10
This is fresh pepper. I forgot to put it.

Step 11
Make cooking easier.