I love fish with pickled vegetables very much, It’s the kind of people who have to eat a dish until it’s old


1 Grass carp
1 Fish with pickled cabbage
1 Root onion
30 Ml sesame oil
3 Kejijing
5 Sliced ginger
4 Clove garlic
Moderate salt
10 A dry red pepper
1 Green pepper
40 Ml vegetable oil
suitable Measuring water
6 A dry bell pepper


Step 1
The supermarket bought a bag of sauerkraut fish bottom material, which contains sauerkraut fish and material bag, a grass carp, wash it clean by removing gills and scales, chop off the fish head, press it flat from the fish tail with one hand, and slice it towards the fish head with the other hand with a knife, shave both sides of the fish, remove fins, chop the fish bone in the middle and put it together.

Step 2
If you don't know how to eat fish at home, you'd better use a vise to pull out the spines of the fish belly. The method is to touch the spines of the spine with your fingers, clamp them with pliers, press the fish body with your hands, and pull them out. There are not many big spines, and it won't be too troublesome.

Step 3
The fish is sliced into 3 mm thick slices with a slicing knife from the head to the tail.

Step 4
Fish into the hopper, put 3 grams of salt, add water, hand clean, drain.

Step 5
Pour the marinated fish in the bag into the hopper. (if you don't need marinated fish, you can put in pepper, a few drops of cooking wine, starch and egg white). Grab well and let it stand for 5 minutes.

Step 6
After cleaning the materials, cut garlic, ginger, scallion, red pepper, Chaotian pepper and green pepper, and scallion leaves.

Step 7
Pour cooking oil into the pot, heat over medium heat, add ginger powder into the pan.

Step 8
Add the fish head and bone to fry until discolored, and prepare a pot of boiling water.

Step 9
Saute sauerkraut, seasoning bag (containing salt, chicken essence, millet pepper, Chinese prickly ash vinegar), scallion, lantern pepper and fish bone for about 2 minutes. Add boiling water and simmer.

Step 10
The fish soup is white.

Step 11
After the soup is stewed, turn to medium heat and put in the salted fish fillets. It is suggested to put them one by one into the pot and flatten them. It is easy to break the fish together. After all the fish fillets are put in, cook them for about 3 minutes. The fish fillets will change color, and then they will be cooked and put on the plate.

Step 12
Pour the sesame oil into the pot, saute the green pepper, red pepper and garlic in medium heat, sprinkle the scallion on the fish, and pour this on the scallion.

Step 13
Hot and sour sauerkraut fish. Let's go