I like eating sauerkraut very much, but it’s too oily outside, so I try to make it by myself~


(spotted fish) 1 fish
1 bag of pickled cabbage
A piece of tofu
Mung bean sprouts
1 green onion
4 cloved garlic
Moderate salt
10 dry red peppers
3 teaspoons starch
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
It's Pickled by my mother. It tastes like a child

Step 2
Market bought 70 cents bean sprouts with clean water under the good

Step 3
Water tofu is very tender. I like it very much

Step 4
Originally, I wanted to buy bass, but I sold it out and changed it. The spotted fish have less spines. Marinate them with starch salt, cooking wine and oil for 10-15 minutes

Step 5
Put oil in the hot pot and add auxiliary materials to make it fragrant

Step 6
Saute sauerkraut until there is no water, and it will taste like sauerkraut

Step 7
Just add water without sauerkraut

Step 8
After the water boils, put bean curd and bean sprouts

Step 9
Boil for three minutes, and finally put coriander and scallion on it