The first time I ate fish with pickled cabbage was at my cousin’s house. After eating, I fell in love with her


A grass carp
A bag of fish with pickled vegetables
Half a taro
A potato
A handful of coriander
A little sesame
An egg white
Moderate salt


Step 1
Sliced potato and taro

Step 2
Add water and simmer to the bottom of the soup

Step 3
Wash grass carp slices

Step 4
Add egg white, pickled fish powder in the fish bag with pickled vegetables, and salt (a little bit) to marinate the fish fillets for half an hour

Step 5
Saute the sauerkraut bag and put it at the bottom of the taro and potato soup before cooking

Step 6
Put the marinated fish fillets in the water and cook them well, then put them on the bottom of pickled vegetable and taro soup

Step 7
Add coriander and sesame

Step 8
Finally, hot vegetable oil in a pan... And then pour it on