I seldom cook and often forget. I saved it in my mobile phone and it fell into the water… I’d better pass it on the Internet to avoid forgetting


1 grass carp
More vegetable oil
One tablespoon lard
2 ~ 3 slices of pickled cabbage
A handful of dried pepper
1 tbsp Pixian bean paste
10 ~ 15 pickled peppers
1 piece of pickled ginger
A piece of ginger
Two garlic
1 green onion
A handful of pepper
A small piece of fat hot pot seasoning
Two shallots


Step 1
Slice grass carp and wash it after you buy it. Add an appropriate amount of water, 1 / 3 bottle of cooking wine, a few slices of ginger, a green onion and two tablespoons of salt, grasp and soak well.

Step 2
The figure shows an example of an error. Chop pickled peppers, sauerkraut, shredded pickled ginger, slice ginger, and pepper. A plate of dry pepper and other spices. Hot pot seasoning is about 2 * 2cm (no green onion is OK)

Step 3
Heat the vegetable oil and put lard. Stir fry seasoning and sauerkraut first

Step 4
Put another spoonful of Pixian bean paste and other spices. Add a spoonful of old smoke and two or three spoonfuls of raw smoke.

Step 5
Add water, appropriate amount of salt, turn to a low fire after boiling over a high fire, cover the cover and boil slowly, about more than ten minutes.

Step 6
Pour out the water for the fish, rinse it with clean water, and marinate it with starch and a spoonful of salt. First put the fish head into the pot to make soup

Step 7
Cook the fish in more than ten minutes. Don't pour in the starch juice, otherwise it will thicken

Step 8
Finally, sprinkle with scallions