Just because I like fish and pickled vegetables, and I always order this dish in the restaurant, but the restaurant is rich in oil. Keep practicing and finally succeed. Let the family eat unhappy, is exactly what I thought of the scene. Just make one if you like.


1 grass carp
1 pickled cabbage
50g starch
10ml cooking wine
150g soybean sprouts
3 g salt
3 peppers (red, sharp, dry)
15 pepper
1 coriander
2 shallots
1 small piece of ginger
2 garlic
3 G chicken essence


Step 1
After washing the fish, cut it from the tail and divide it into three pieces

Step 2
Cut the fish into thin slices

Step 3
Grasp with ginger, cooking wine, starch and a little salt and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 4
Then cut the middle part of the fish bone into segments

Step 5
Remove the root of bean sprouts and wash them

Step 6
Cut the pickle and prepare it

Step 7
Sliced ginger and garlic

Step 8
Heat the pot for a while, pour in edible oil, put ginger and garlic and stir fry until fragrant

Step 9
Fry the fish bones for a while and pour some cooking wine to remove the fishiness

Step 10
Put down sauerkraut, stir fry a few times, add enough water to boil, and then turn it to low heat for a while

Step 11
Next, scald the bean sprouts

Step 12
After the bean sprouts are ripe, remove the bean sprouts and sauerkraut and put them into the basin

Step 13
After the soup is kept boiling, the fish will be scattered and scalded. If the salinity is enough, adjust it, and then add chicken essence to freshen it

Step 14
Pour all fish and soup onto sauerkraut, sprinkle coriander and scallion

Step 15
Take another pot and heat two tablespoons of oil, then put pepper and pepper. Turn off the fire when there is smell

Step 16
Pour it on the coriander and it's all finished