Appetizer, next meal, and then some vegetables inside, delicious


2 jin silver carp
A packet of pickled cabbage
A lump of ginger
A lump of garlic
10 g pepper
A spoonful of starch
An egg white
Moderate salt
5 peppers
Proper amount of dry pepper


Step 1
Fish ready, bone shaved, sliced

Step 2
Chop the fish bone and the meat, one centimeter thick. Rinse with clean water until clear.

Step 3
Fish processing, first put egg white, ginger, pepper, salt, stir well. Then put in the starch and grab it with your hands until it's strong.

Step 4
Oil temperature 70% heat, put fish, a piece of put, fry to both sides golden, soup will be thick white. Do not use the spatula to move, hold the handle to shake. Turn the chopsticks over.

Step 5
Fry for a few minutes, put water over the fish and bring to a boil

Step 6
After boiling, add pickled cabbage, chili, pepper and salt. Put the fillets together and cook for 5 minutes. Try not to use the spatula to turn over, it is easy to break, gently push along the edge of the pot.

Step 7
Finally, we'll have some dried pepper, garlic, green vegetables and cook them. It smells good. This step can be omitted.