Everyone in my family likes to eat fish. They usually make it braised in brown sauce and steamed. Today, they change it for something different.


A silver carp
1 bag of pickled cabbage
6 dried peppers
1 garlic
10 Chinese prickly ash
Half ginger
A handful of shallots


Step 1
Buy flower silver carp, a three jin or so, will be separated from the fish head and fish, fish head, fish tail together under the pot

Step 2
Fish head and fish tail, cook together, stew fish soup

Step 3
The fish soup has begun to bubble. Now let's start slicing fish

Step 4
Try not to break the fillets and start marinating

Step 5
Add cooking wine, cornmeal, a little salt and egg white, and stir well

Step 6
Open the package and pour out the juice. Soak the pickled cabbage for about 20 minutes and cut into sections

Step 7
Green onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili

Step 8
Put onion, ginger and garlic into the pot for stir frying, stir fry the flavor, pour in sauerkraut, stir fry and add the fish soup cooked in advance, boil and put in fish fillets, fish fillets can be out of the pot after changing color, cooking time is long, fish is easy to get old

Step 9
Out of the pot, pour oil into the pot, add pepper, hot dry pepper, pour directly on the top, make a Zizi sound, delicious sauerkraut fish out of the pot, start