This dish is a good appetizer. I like to cook it at home. It’s good to have meat, soup and wine!


500g grass carp
200g sauerkraut
1 small piece of ginger
Three cloved garlic
10 pickled wild peppers
1 piece of pickled ginger


Step 1
Grass carp meat is separated from fish bone, and fish meat slices become fillets.

Step 2
Marinate the fish fillets with ginger, green onion, cooking wine, a little salt and a little pepper for 15 minutes, then add starch to size.

Step 3
Chopped ginger, garlic, wild pepper, sliced pickled cabbage, sliced pickled ginger, sliced pickled red pepper.

Step 4
Heat the oil in the pot, add the prepared wild pepper, ginger, garlic rice, pickled cabbage, pickled ginger and pickled red pepper, stir fry until fragrant, then add water.

Step 5
Bring to a boil, lower the heat and cook the fillets in about 1 minute.

Step 6
After loading the dishes can put a little chopped millet spicy, sprinkle with hot oil.