There’s a fish lover in my family, but I don’t love it. But for me who is not spicy or happy, pickled fish is acceptable


A black fish
300g sauerkraut
Half ginger
1 garlic
Two green onions
Four or five wild peppers
4-5 dried peppers
Two parsley
A handful of sesame seeds
1 egg


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients, wash the fish and slice them into fillets. Put in cornmeal, ginger, scallion, salt and an egg white. Stir well and marinate for a while. Cut the fish bone into sections

Step 2
Add oil into the pot, heat the oil, add ginger, stir fry pepper until fragrant, add sauerkraut, stir fry for a while and then serve.

Step 3
Then fry the fish bone in oil

Step 4
After the fish bone is fried, add the sauerkraut and stir fry a few times

Step 5
Pour in hot water, bring to a boil, add salt and chicken essence to taste, cook a little, then put the vegetables and fish bones into a bowl (the soup remains in the pot)

Step 6
Put the salted fish fillets into the pot, gently shake the pot, let the fish spread, because the fish fillets are easy to cook, and can be served after a little boiling. (soup must be boiled)

Step 7
Put the fish fillets on the sauerkraut and pour in the soup

Step 8
Add minced garlic, scallion, dried pepper, sesame and cumin powder to the fish

Step 9
Wash the pan, pour in the spicy oil (it's OK to put cooking oil without spicy oil) and heat the oil

Step 10
Heat the oil and pour it on the fish fillets. Here, I put sesame seeds into the hot oil

Step 11
Finally, sprinkle some coriander to eat