As a typical northerner, the story of eating spicy food also comes down to the Sichuan restaurant where my father took the whole family to when I was a child. It was also the first time I had the so-called authentic Sichuan boiled fish with blocked taste buds~


1 mandarin fish
500g soybean sprouts
2 sections of green shoots
5g salt
5g cooking wine
1 g Sugar
3 G green onion
3 G ginger
10g yellow lantern chili sauce
3 G garlic
Seven wild peppers
Four delicious peppers
15g starch
4 fresh millet peppers
3 G sesame oil
10 g chili sauce
5g chicken powder
4 red lantern peppers
15 g protein
30g fresh pepper
1 g white pepper
Proper amount of edible oil


Step 1
Ginger slices, fresh millet red pepper chopped, wet wild pepper cut, wet red bell pepper head put in a container; Mince fresh pepper, cut green pepper, mince garlic and fresh pepper in another container; Shred the bamboo shoots and set aside.

Step 2
Cut off the fish head, cut the fish head from the middle with scissors, press the knife close to the fish bone in the middle, cut the fish meat into pieces, remove the bone from the fish belly, and chop the fish bone into pieces for later use.

Step 3
Marinate the fish, put the fish into the container, add 1g salt, 1g chicken powder, 1g pepper, 3G sesame oil, 5g cooking wine, 1g protein, 5D starch, stir well, cover with edible oil.

Step 4
Fish soup method is very simple ~ we first make it, frying pan heat, add a small amount of oil, will be washed into the fish bone, fry, add crushed white pepper and ginger, fry until the fish bone golden, add 2kg hot water in the pot. Let's start the stew~

Step 5
Next, we will start to make this new style boiled fish. The key to becoming a new school is to put a little oil into it. With easy to buy peppers. Heat the pan, add a small amount of oil, put your hand on the pan to test the temperature. When the oil is hot, stir fry soybean sprouts and shredded green shoots in high heat until they are broken. Add 2G salt, 1g chicken powder and 1g sugar. Put them out of the pan and put them into the bottom of the plateļ¼ˆ Generally, only soybean sprouts are used for boiled fish. For the sake of health, we put fresh shredded asparagus

Step 6
Heat the pan, add a small amount of base oil, put your hand on the pan to interview the temperature. After the oil is hot, add chopped ginger, fresh millet red pepper, wild pepper, red lantern pepper, red pepper sauce 10g and yellow lantern pepper sauce 10g. Stir fry until the color turns red. Add about 2kg of water into the pan; After the water boils, add 1g salt, 1g chicken powder and 1g pepper powder.

Step 7
Then put the fillets one by one into the pot. One minute later, after the fillets are cooked, add the prepared water starch. The water starch makes the soup more viscous and tastes better. When the water boils, it can be taken out of the pot and put into the prepared soybean sprouts and asparagus plate.

Step 8
The last step. Heat the pan with a small amount of oil, put your hand on the pan to test the temperature. After the oil is heated, add the minced fresh pepper, green pepper, minced garlic and fresh Chinese prickly ash (remember to make sure the fresh Chinese prickly ash) to fry out the flavor.

Step 9
Sliced fish in hot chili oil, and then cooked sliced fish in hot chili oil.

Step 10
At this time, nourishing fish soup can also be out of the pot ~ boiled fish, fish soup seasoning, fish soup with 2G salt, 1g chicken powder, out of the pot plate, add chives, coriander, a fish two eat, success.