It’s so delicious! How affordable it is to do it at home!


Three dragon fish
Appropriate amount of 35 brand hot pot seasoning
2 pieces of dried tofu
A little chicken essence
Proper amount of ginger powder
3 Liang bean sprouts
3 Liang Auricularia auricula
1 head of garlic
Moderate salt
Proper amount of oil
1 egg
Proper amount of cooking wine
Proper amount of starch


Step 1
I bought the quick-frozen fish. There is no sting.

Step 2
Cut into pieces.

Step 3
Salted with salt, ginger powder, starch, chicken essence, egg white and cooking wine.

Step 4
Grab well and marinate for about half an hour.

Step 5
To prepare side dishes, I used fungus, bean sprouts, dried tofu.

Step 6
All cooked with salt water, take out spare.

Step 7
Spread the bottom in the basin and leave less salt water.

Step 8
Boil the water, put the fish one by one and cook for about 1 minute.

Step 9
Take it out and put it in a basin.

Step 10
I like this brand of hot pot seasoning.

Step 11
Boil the oil and saute the garlic.

Step 12
Add the hot pot seasoning and stir fry until fragrant. I used a fifth of the primer.

Step 13
Just bubble.

Step 14
Pour the seasoning on the fish.