Boiled fish fillet is also called boiled live fish


1 grass carp
1 tomato
2 small root lettuce
1 teaspoon salt
1 egg white
1 teaspoon starch
Proper amount of cooking wine
A handful of dried peppers
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
Appropriate amount of ginger and garlic
One green onion and one coriander for each


Step 1
The head of grass carp is removed and cut in half. The bone is removed and the meat is cut into thin slices. This process is too bloody. If you don't put pictures, you can ask the merchant to help you cut the head and bone when you buy the fish. The head and bone are salted with cooking wine and a little salt

Step 2
Fish fillets with egg white and starch grasp, hanging slurry

Step 3
Gently cross the tomato and blanch it in boiling water for a few seconds

Step 4
Peel off the skin easily, discard the skin, cut the peeled tomato into a centimeter square dice, as small as possible, not big

Step 5
Peel the lettuce and cut it into sections

Step 6
A small segment stands up

Step 7
Cut down to become a diamond, such a knife usually can be used to burn root vegetables, a simple dish immediately has a beauty

Step 8
The cut lettuce is spread at the bottom of the bowl. If it is other vegetables, it should be cooked half cooked first and then spread. It can be changed into bean sprouts, tofu, kelp, radish, potato, etc. as long as it is what our family like to eat, lettuce is a delicate dish, and any extra processing will destroy its nutrition and delicious, so the raw shop is not suitable

Step 9
Heat the oil in the pan, add diced tomatoes and stir fry

Step 10
Add ginger slices, minced garlic, and a small amount of pepper to stir fry until fragrant

Step 11
Add some water and bring to a boil

Step 12
Put the fish fillets in the colander and heat them slightly until they change color. The colander made by Xiaobian seems to be smaller. It's only good if it leaks three times. It doesn't matter if there's no colander. Pour the fish fillets in directly for a few seconds and take them out when they look a little white. Put them in a clean container and set them aside. Forget to take pictures in this step

Step 13
Pour the fish head and bone into the soup and cook it over high heat. It doesn't need to stew for a long time, just a few minutes. At the same time, add some salt to taste

Step 14
Pour the soup with fish head and bone on the lettuce, then spread the fish fillets

Step 15
Prepare Chinese prickly ash and dry red pepper to fry red oil. If you like spicy food, you can choose spicy food. If you can't eat spicy food, you can choose hot pepper specially fried red oil. It doesn't taste very spicy

Step 16
Pour more oil, heat the oil pan, and then turn off the fire. When the oil temperature cools down to less hot, pour in the pepper and Zanthoxylum bungeanum. It's neither too early nor too late. The pepper turns black early, and the red oil doesn't come out late

Step 17
Pour the oil and pepper on the fish fillets

Step 18
Sprinkle with chopped chive and coriander, fragrant