Sichuan cuisine is the most irresistible dish. It’s low-fat, low calorie and spicy. I often try to make many kinds at home. Today’s cooking is the most delicious one, which is definitely better than that of many restaurant chefs. So share it with you


2-3 Jin grass carp
300g bean sprouts
1 baby vegetable
500g tofu
30g oil
A little garlic
1 tbsp bean paste or 66 red boiled fish bun
2G chicken essence
A little pepper
Half an egg white
10 g ginger
2 g salt
2 tbsp cornmeal
20G cooking wine
5-10 g dry pepper
5 g pepper
A little coriander
Appropriate amount of shallot


Step 1
Cut the fish into thin slices, ginger and garlic slices, wash the vegetables and set aside

Step 2
Put salt, cooking wine, ginger slices, sugar, pepper, cornmeal and egg white into the fish fillets and marinate them for 15 minutes. Marinate the fish head and steak with salt, cooking wine and ginger

Step 3
Add water to the pot and bring to a boil. Add bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage and bean curd in turn to cook. Use a colander to pick up and put them into the bottom of the bowl for fish. If you cook, put some salt to make them taste better;

Step 4
Wash the pan, add the oil, heat it, add the bean paste or Liuliu red spicy fish bag, stir fry, add ginger and garlic, add the fish head, and then pour in a large plate of water (according to the size of the fish)

Step 5
After boiling, put in the fish chops and cook for two minutes. Remove the fish chops and then put in the fillets (remember: use chopsticks to put the fillets one by one in the pot with low heat at this time, so as to avoid sticking the fillets together due to the raw meal). After putting in the fish fillets, boil them for 15 seconds and then put them out of the pot

Step 6
Pour the oil into the pan, and then pour the dried pepper and Zanthoxylum bungeanum cut into sections. Stir fry with the minimum heat (to prevent the paste). After frying, ladle out the dried pepper with a leaky spoon and place it on the fish fillets. Then heat the oil in the pan and pour it on the top

Step 7
The last step is to sprinkle coriander and serve