Sichuan cuisine boiled live fish many people like, has become a business card of Sichuan cuisine, eating out and afraid of gutter oil, afraid of live fish into dead fish. Today, I’d like to introduce the family style. You can order whatever you like.


1 grass carp
1 white radish
1 celery
200g black fungus
200g baby vegetable
2 red peppers
200g sour bamboo shoots
1 packet of spicy seasoning
Five garlic
A little white sesame
15 dried peppers
1 teaspoon Chinese prickly ash
4 tbsp starch
1 ginger
1 teaspoon chicken essence
3 tsp MSG
1 teaspoon salt


Step 1
Vegetables [can be replaced according to their own preferences, and add such as Yuzhu, cucumber, etc.] sliced white radish

Step 2
The sour bamboo shoots were boiled in advance to remove the bitterness

Step 3
Baby Cabbage

Step 4
Black fungus

Step 5
mixed ingredients

Step 6
Slice grass carp well, marinate with a teaspoon of chicken essence, monosodium glutamate and salt for a while, then add starch and stir well

Step 7
You can stir fry by yourself, but it's troublesome, so I bought the bag directly from the supermarket

Step 8
Stir fry in oil over low heat until fragrant. Add water and ginger slices and bring to a boil

Step 9
Cook all the dishes and put them on the bottom of the basin

Step 10
Fish the vegetables and cook them

Step 11
Take out the fish and put it on it. Pour the soup on it. Add celery, red pepper and garlic

Step 12
6 minutes of oil under the pot, hot and fragrant pepper [many people like the red color of pepper oil under PS, you can buy chili noodles together]