Every festival ~ white cut chicken is a delicious family dish that Shanghai people never forget ~ it can be seen whether it is a banquet or dinner ~ select three yellow chickens in Pudong, Shanghai quality. The taste is delicious ~ the skin is crisp The meat is tender It tastes delicious Beauty in form Nutrition… Very different ~ don’t miss it~


1 three yellow chicken
3 g salt
1 ginger
10g sugar
5g scallion
20ml raw extract
15ml cooking wine
5 ml sesame oil


Step 1
Wash the three yellow chicken you bought Remove the chicken tail~

Step 2
Add fresh water that can not exceed the chicken in the pot, add scallion and ginger cooking wine, bring to a boil, put the washed chicken into the pot, boil and skim the floating powder Turn the heat down for 5 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 20 ~ 30 minutes

Step 3
Scoop up the chicken and immerse it in cold boiled water. Let the chicken cool naturally in cold boiled water~

Step 4
After the chicken cools down, remove the chicken and smear sesame oil on the surface of the chicken~

Step 5
Cut the chicken with a knife and put it in a basin. Decorate it with parsley leaves or coriander leaves. When eating, dip it in the seasoning prepared with soy sauce + sugar + onion + minced ginger + chicken soup~