It’s a common dish of our Hui people. It’s simple


A catty of beef
Appropriate amount of cabbage, konjac, mushroom, celery


Step 1
Sliced beef

Step 2
Feed it, sugar, salt, cooking wine, white pepper, whole egg, water powder

Step 3
Stir fried pepper with pepper

Step 4
Continue to stir fry onion, ginger and garlic

Step 5
Little fire

Step 6
Add two spoonfuls of Pixian bean paste

Step 7
Stir out the red oil

Step 8

Step 9
Remove all impurities

Step 10
Add the side dishes

Step 11
Take it out in one minute

Step 12
And my konjac

Step 13
Put it in the bottom of the bowl

Step 14
Bring in the beef

Step 15
Don't move after cooking, wait for three minutes, let the meat mature

Step 16
Take out the beef code plate

Step 17
Dry pan with pepper

Step 18
Grind it with a knife after fragrance

Step 19
Add shredded green onion, dried pepper and crushed pepper

Step 20
Add the boiling oil, the fragrance is all over the room